Mister Stump Grinder

LONGEST TRACKS IN ITS CLASS. Provides consistent stability with easier loading and unloading of the machine compared to shorter tracked models. The longer tracks offer best-inclass low ground pressure, which helps reduce the possibility of turf damage.

More Than just Stump Grinding 

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"Making the world safer one stump at a time!"

25 HP (18.6 KW) EFI ENGINE. Starts well during cold weather, makes choke cables obsolete and offers improved fuel economy over comparable carbureted gas engines.

Get rid of those unsightly and dangerous stumps today!

Stump grinding is the final part of the process of removing a tree which provides the following benefits:

-Removing tripping hazards

-Removing the opportunity for insects to infest other trees

-Beautifying your lawn

-Keeping you in compliance with HOA rules